Existing Bookings

The Availability menu reveals a calendar that shows when bookings (confirmed or provisional) have been made. Use the navigation buttons at the top of the page to navigate to different dates.

To Make a Booking

First check that the dates that you require are available using the calendar (see Availability) - if the dates you require are free then contact Chris McKinnon by phone 0161 793 7039 (eve) or 077111 36907 (Day).  We will then provisionally reserve your dates for 2 days to give you time to arrange travel. During that time your dates will apprear in the calendar as 'Provisional Booking' and no one else will be able to reserve those dates.  After 2 days the dates will be made available to the public again. 

Please Note: - If the start or end day that you require is already booked, please be aware that the date may be available as the occupants may be departing / arriving at a time that will allow the apartment to be prepared for the next arrival. Please check with Chris as above.